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Welcome to Waxhaw, NC!

Location & Naming the Town
The Town of Waxhaw is located only 20 minutes from south Charlotte and approximately three miles from the South Carolina state line. 

Dating back to the 1700s, Waxhaw is one of the oldest towns in Union County, taking its name from the Waxhaws (originally called the Wysacky), an Indian tribe that once inhabited the area. When chartered in 1889, Waxhaw established its rightful place as the third oldest town in Union County. 

Historic Places
With a population of over 10,500 people, Waxhaw has managed to maintain its small town charm and yet continue to achieve quality growth. The Waxhaw Historic District at the heart of town is on the National Register of Historic Places and boasts proud old buildings and unique attractions. 

The most iconic attraction is the pedestrian bridge that crosses over the railroad tracks. It was once used for automobiles to cross over while trains ran through town below it. In 1940 it was designated for pedestrians only and is still used daily by adults and children standing on the bridge waiting for a train to pass underneath their feet. 

Water Tower
The large water tower standing tall over downtown Waxhaw has served as a beacon for many citizens who recall playing under it as children or beckoning a tired traveler home from a long time on the road. Built in 1940, the impressive silver structure remains the object of many photographers looking for a symbol of small town America.